50 shades of black


I love that this outfit was so easy to pull out – and as you can see I was not extremely fresh that day! – but yet has so much detail into it : velvet, cotton, leather, suede… And of course a touch of pink!


Have you seen this bag before? I actually bought one of the last pieces, it’s the first bag from the colab between Betty Autier –  leblogdebetty, one of the first bloggers I followed – and Lancaster. I love that it’s so roomy and the studs on it that gives the outfit a bit of an edge!

Saboona Xx

Sweater : Mango
Skirt : Vintage (similar Asos)
Shoes : Topshop (in the same spirit Topshop, River Island via Asos, or New Look via Asos)
Bag : Betty x Lancaster 


Crop and Mom

I’ve always said that I would never show my belly and who’s the kind of girl who does that and whatsoever. Well. Who doesn’t change their minds, right? 🙂
First off, I found these mom jeans at Zara in the TRF section. It is the first time that I found mom jeans that fit my figure and that I feel good in. I initially bought them in black and got so much wear out of them; when I saw them in pink during the sales I did not hesitate for a second and jumped on it. I usually wear them with a more “regular” t-shirt tucked in, but decided for this style to pair them with a crop top.

I bought this crop top to wear with a very high waisted skirt, which means that there is basically no skin showing up. With those pants however, it is a different story. I have to admit that I only realised how much skin was showing when I looked at the picture 😀

But because I was somehow conscious that some skin was showing, and because the weather is still quite chilly here in Dubai, I added this bomber jacket. I love the blue on black flower patterns, it brings some texture to the looks without taking all the attention and without being too hard to pair.

With everything that was going on between the crop top and the mom jeans and the bomber jacket, I went for the cool and relaxed vibe of the leather black Converse.

Bare with me on the relaxed outfit as a. it is definitely my style and b. I was running out and about to help my friends shoot pictures for their clothing brand – more on that later.

Thanks for hanging out with me and see you around!

Bomber Jacket : Promod (inspired from this one)
Crop Top : River Island
Mom Jeans : Zara
Sneakers : Converse

Staying warm – Zara studio collection discovery

I am going to France in a week and the weather is starting to stress me out.

It is now freezing and I have not been exposed to a temperature below 15°C in about 2 years. Yes, I know, wow. Of course, I have almost no warm clothes in Dubai, except for my yellow coat – such a brilliant idea to get it! 😉

So I wandered in Mall of the Emirates – y’know, the one with the ski slope – and found this beauty in Zara.


It was part of the Studio collection so it’s beautifully made, 100% wool, heavy but not itchy. I love the classic design of the breton shirt and the nice details on the collar and the shoulders. I am not really sure of the practical side of the very long sleeves, I’ll report.

Last but not least, it was a bargain!
Striped mini dress – Zara, 149 AED 469 AED  (currently around the 25 Eur mark in France)

Hopefully it will keep me warm when I’m in France and I will happily report with pictures 🙂

It’s all clear now

I have suffered from acne for many years. Not that it was particularly severe but enough to make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Because it was not severe, people would not really care, doctors, parents, friends. For a while I just believed that it would pass and I needed to be patient.

I am not sure what was the wake up call, maybe turning 26 and thinking “I am 26 now, it is not a teens’ acne, if it is to last my whole life I gotta learn how to take care of it.”

As very simple as it seems, I found all my answers on Caroline Hirons‘ blog.

She is just amazing, very knowledgeable about beauty in general, and funny and sassy, which is exactly down my street. You can find on her blog info about particular products or issues, and I remember finding this video specifically helpful. It helped me figure out where my acne could come from and gave me options to try to clear it.

In a nutshell, my skin routine is now:

cleansing with any gentle cleanser (Cetaphil, cleansing oil, anything gentle really), these days I use one from Boots Botanics
Sometimes : gentle hydrating toner
Effaclar Duo (+) – La Roche Posay

Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover – Sephora  (because I wear waterproof mascara everyday)
Cleansing oil – L’Occitane (or The Body Shop, or their Cleansing butter )
Toner Glow Tonic – Pixi
Triacneal – Avene
Sometimes I would put an extra layer of cream or oil if I feel dehydrated.

The least I can say is it cleared my skin and changed my life (so cheesy).

Healthy and tasty breakfast

I finally managed to find a tasty and healthy option for my breakfast. Please escort the Nutella out of here – that’s how serious I am.

When I first wanted to try chia seeds and went down to my local store to get them I ended up with the cheapest but maybe not safest option : almost 1 kg of those tiny black seeds.

I tried several random recipes of chia pudding but was a bit put off by the jelly like texture and quite neutral to earthy taste of the seeds. After a short period of trial and error and largely inspired by a recipe on The Anna Edit’s YouTube channel, here’s what finally works for me and even convinced my hubby to have breakfast / eat chia seeds:

2 tablespoons of chia seeds
2 tablespoons of oats
1 cup of Almond milk (or any milk you want)
3 tablespoons of Yogurt – I prefer plain regular yogurt
1 tablespoon Maple syrup
1 cup of fruits in small bits, at least

I simply pour in a container the oats and seeds, cover it largely with milk and stir, and then add up all the remaining ingredients. You can of course use any fruit you like but I find that something that brings a crunch is very appreciated and I use blueberries and pomegranate seeds (sometimes raspberries too, I cannot lie, it’s on the picture).

Let me know if you try the recipe and if you have any variant worth trying !


That yellow coat though

I live in Dubai.

I repeat: I live in Dubai.

I absolutely do not need this coat. But what can I say, it was love at first sight.

I just pictured myself walking around Paris in this coat – which would be so provocative amongst all the black-coat–wearers and depressed Parisians – and I loved it.

It is yellow and slouchy. I will probably look like a hobo because of an unfortunate style decision at some point (i.e. hangover from all that wine) but if it puts a smile on my face, I’ll keep it!

The perfect playsuit


I finally found a playsuit that I find flattering on my figure! It has been a journey, that’s the least I can say. I find that they usually emphasize body parts that I don’t really want to emphasize – that cute muffin top and those women’s hips, not to name them. Plus I can get quite picky with the material of my clothes.

I found this beauty at Zara with all the black winter collection. It is quite sheer on the top part with adorable frills and got high waisted shorts in a thicker material. I love that the shorts are a little bit longer, compared to many playsuits at least. It is both very comfy and looks smart : heaven.

With the end of the summer here in Dubai we will finally be able to hang out outdoor and explore – and maybe get some tan, I could use some tan.

Playsuit : Zara
Shoes : Les Tropéziennes
Bag : Coach – very old collection

Une odeur de figue

I finally found the perfect scented candle!

img_20160904_220151I honestly get bored quite quickly with the usual Bath and Body Works scents. And when I say bored, I mean sickened. They are just a little bit too sweet and too complicated for me; maybe I’m just a little bit too picky for them 🙂

I recently discovered the Henri Bendel collection. It seems that the scents are much more neat – or to my taste. The jar itself is frosted glass, it is super simple and plain, which is a huge compliment as there is nothing more I expect from a candle jar. The scent is very fresh and green with those fruity ans sweet notes from the fig. Did I mention I have the Fig one? I cannot get enough of this scent! I feel like y whole home smells like fresh and clean, I love it.

What am I doing on a stool?

Top : Zara
Shorts : Dorotennis – vintage from a thrift shop
Shoes : Les Petites Parisiennes

Those shorts are really shorts and I am often reluctant to wear them but I love their pattern so much! I think those elephants and palm trees are adorables. Plus they’re high waist so I can wear my crop tops without exposing the belly to the world. Love.

That print!

Top : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Bag : Coach

This skirt is a staple piece of my wardrobe. I bought it a while back (at least 5 years ago now…) and still love it like the first day. It is made in a satiny material and has pockets, which makes it very comfy to wear. I love that the pattern is unheard of and so fresh and colorful.